CCG Review 2018

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Ever came up with an idea to mine cryptocurrencies but don’t want to have too much headache with all these technical know-hows and expensive equipment? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our review will help you out! CCG platform uses “we make it easy for you” approach to tackle these two questions and offers its cloud users even something more.

What will you find in this review? This review is created to help everyone, who is interested in this platform to find out more about it, review its prices, learn what the CCG mining minimum payout is, and understand how it works.

What Is CCG Mining?

To start our review right, we need to figure out what it is first – CCG is a cryptocurrency mining platform established by CCG International LTD in 2016. The company owns two large area Data Centers dedicated to generating Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, ZCash, Dash, LiteCoin, and LBRY. They offer comprehensive solutions based on blockchain technologies.

It’s quite a new player on the cloud mining market. However, what makes it stand out against a background of other projects – PrimeHash and HashFlare – is a high rate of transparency and challenging task to act as the most advanced computing hashing power across European countries. Currently, the company has branches in 6 offices and 5 countries. These are Poland, Great Britain, Russia, Latvia, Austria and Czech Republic, with their head office at 85 Greta Portland Street W1W 7LT in London.

Go to their fully operational website and you will meet the facility itself and the whole team of blockchain and cryptocurrency experts.

How Does CCG Mining Work?

The company chose the best location for its rigs with lots of lucrative opportunities. The facility is equipped with the most advanced cooling system, which creates the best environment for the hardware uninterrupted operation. CCG purchased exclusive rights for low-priced electricity. The rig is built of the most up-to-date AsRock motherboards, NVIDIA video cards, Intel CPUs as well as enough RAM memory to handle even the most complex transactions.

Each option is created to meet specific investment strategies and of our clients. A client becomes a sole owner of a mining rig or enters into a limited ownership agreement. CCG handles all the rest. The only thing the client has to do is to calculate his/her profits, and CCG guarantees timely technical update to ensure the rig works properly.


Pricing is the most important part of this review. The company sells three types of plans – physical rig; cloud mining contract and VIP package. CCG makes the plans flexible and, thus, affordable to its clients. Potential investors are free to choose the option that best applies to their needs and, besides, CCG mining reinvest option is available for all plans!

Mining Rig

This option allows clients to purchase their own rigs and maintain full control over them. Sounds like an interesting option because you don’t have to build your rig yourself. The company has it all set up and ready to mine at your convenience. CCG cloud mining has all the hardware specifications like Motherboard, GPU Cards, RAM Memory, CPU, PSU and Hash Power displayed on their website. Again, transparency. You know what you’re paying for!

Sure, this package is quite costly, with the cheapest one to cost 3810.00 USD (excluding VAT) and don’t forget to keep in mind the maintenance fees, which vary and are not actually specified.

All in all, despite the fact the price is expensive, you’re still the boss of your own rig. Below are two more options that will definitely fit your criteria.

Cloud Mining Contract

Just like airlines offer low-cost flights, CCG mining price varies in order to open a way for more investors to reap benefits using this cloud mining service. CCG mining contract allows its clients to mine cryptocurrencies remotely, which means you can use this service from any location around the world, anytime. In other words, there’s no need to manage the hardware manually. This choice seems to be the most popular one as it excludes the purchase of the equipment.

One can get 50GH/s, 200 GH/s, 2500 GH/s, 10000 GH/s and 1 TH/s for $19.99, $75, $915, $3615 and $375.

It’s also possible to get a customized plan by choosing a specific amount of Hash Power. Besides, Bitcoin contracts are open-ended. It means there’s no particular date when the contract ends. Once the one-time fee is paid, a client enjoys the plan without any time frames.

Talking about other coins, the contracts are meant to last for two years, with no maintenance fees.

VIP Packages

To play big, you can review the offered VIP packages. The VIP Packages are created for customers willing to invest a significant amount of funds in order to eventually become CCG business partners.
All investments in this plan (entry barrier starts with 49,000USD) are used within the following projects:

  • Building new data centers and upgrading of the existing ones;
  • Working on CCG-based ICO projects;
  • Building efficient rigs on the blockchain technology.

How Do You Withdraw Earnings From CCG Mining?

The benefits withdrawal presents another advantage of the project because it offers more than one option. In fact, there are two options – Bitcoin and Payeer, and you can update or edit your preferred option on your account page anytime.

How Does Affiliate Program Work?

If you are wondering what their affiliate program has to do with this review – it is simple, in fact, the affiliate program is one of the most simple options for your additional income. CGG Affiliate program offers a wide range of benefits. You don’t have to comply with any conditions, just register on CCG mining website and you’re free to participate.

A step-by-step process:

Activate your Affiliate program – Place CGG referral link across websites – Referrals purchase contracts – Get your reward.

Just as easy!

General Conclusion

To sum up our review, CCG mining legit reputation seems to be true. Its flexibility and presence on several continents let the cloud service expand without no limits, which is why our review is mostly positive.

The company is very transparent. All of the team members are available on LinkedIn and other social networks and very easy to reach. Customer support works 24/7 to ensure that each and every customer received the help he/she needs via email, online chat, and Skype. CCG mining looks like the right solution if you’re looking for a way to earn a little extra spending money or secure your financial freedom. Icing on the cake – they offer special CCG promo code!

We hope that you found this CCG mining review helpful. Anyway, go check for yourself and don’t miss the opportunity to choose the best online cloud mining service in the crypto world, and don’t forget to grab your CCG mining promo code 2018!

CCG Review 2018

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