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Looking for a perfect online service that offers cloud mining opportunities, it is important not to make a wrong choice, which is why reading reviews about the chosen site is a good idea to avoid the risks. To help you choose the right site, we have prepared this IQ mining review that will tell you everything you should be aware of regarding this company and what it offers. Our review will tell you everything about this company. Besides, in our review, you’ll find an answer to the most important question – whether IQ mining scam or not, which should help you make a decision and not regret it!

What should you be aware of? Nowadays, the cryptocurrencies become more and more interesting for ordinary people, and the crypto trading companies are only expanding. This review was created for everyone who is interested in earning on cryptocurrency, and especially for those who are interested in this particular service!

What Is IQ Mining?

It is a cryptocurrency mining company, which offers to take your money and promises to give you great income generated from receiving cryptocurrency. After that, you get enormous ROIs.

On the official website, we are able to find the information about the daily income of the users. It informs that your daily income may be about 100 dollars for an investment of 500 dollars. So, the more you invest, the more money you get. However, you should understand that there are also many scams among these companies many of which promise a lot but never back up the money of the users.

This platform is truly legit and it is developed by highly qualified professionals in IT and cryptocurrency. It has also a good support team that is ready to answer all your questions.

o become more confident in your choice of a service, in this review, we are going to take a look at the main features of working with this company, its offers, prices, etc.

How Does IQ Mining Work?

The company offers us both mining and trading of Altcoins like Litecoin and Ethereum. Your actual profit will stem from Bitcoin after their conversion. This platform was founded in 2016 and since then it has achieved a lot of acceptance from about 4,000 active users. Their team was gathered from true professionals in blockchain programming and IT.

This platform is a high-tech software that has been developed for the function of mining cryptocurrencies. This platform promises to encrypt your personal information firmly – it is in partnership with the largest companies which offer to invest and to withdraw and can guarantee a high security for each user. What it offers is a ‘smart mining’. Their system leads to lower costs because they have smart contracts with data centers and the altcoins mining switch is automated.

How does it work? IQ Mining rents power from data centers and also it can use it to mine the altcoins. Then, IQ Mining trades the Altcoins to the Bitcoin and successfully transfers your profit right into your wallet.

While these operations, you can do the other important things and you don’t need to worry about this processes or do them on your own. Just relax. You should only give your money and they will turn to you in much more quantities

Moreover, IQ Mining has no maintenance fees and claims that you will have no risk during this operation, which guarantees that you will have a profit every day.

What else? What you really need to know is that this service is based on surpluses of big data centers and the Hash Power of your account. Hash Power (also called HP) shows the power you possess, which can influence your income. What does it mean? If you have a high hash rate and power, you will be able to discover more blocks and receive more profit from mining.

IQ Mining Pricing

This is a separate topic I have to discuss in my review. IQ Mining has three main ways to achieve your profits. When you sign up for this service, you need to choose one of three accounts that are available right now.


  • Bronze. Payouts are made every hour, and withdrawals can be transferred each week; the minimum deposit is 0.01 BTC.
  • Silver. Using this account, you get 10% bonus on your payouts, your transactions are also hourly, you can withdraw every day, and the minimum deposit is 0.01 BTC.
  • Gold. With this account, you have the bonus to payouts – 20% and here your payouts are hourly, withdrawals are daily with the minimum deposit 10 BTC.


So, it becomes evident that you are promised to receive your income every day – after you accept a withdrawal request, you get your money. The periodicity of your withdrawals depends on the type of your account.

The transfer is usually made in the next 24 hours after you verify your identity in the program. You must confirm that you are the owner of the account.

Is there an IQ mining referral code? While many companies do have an affiliate program, this company stands out as you will not find any referral code on their site, which is not a big problem as such programs do not bring significant incomes. However, it is an important point for this review.

How To Start With IQ Mining?

You can become a user of this cryptocurrency software very easy and quickly – on the official site, you need to sign up and choose one of three accounts which were described above. Then you need to fill the registration form.

When you do that, make your first deposit from your electronic wallet or using another deposit method, which is supported on this platform.

You can also use cryptocurrency for this action. The platform accepts many different coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and even more. You start when you purchase a Hash Power contract.

On this website, there is a support team that works 24/7 – therefore, if you have any questions, you can ask them via email or live-chat.


To conclude this review, it is important to state that this is a smart and cutting-edge platform that can help you to start working in the cryptocurrency industry very simply.

Using this software, you need no special knowledge or education. Your previous experience also does not matter, which is a big advantage for inexperienced users, who are just trying how everything works.

Also, I have to highlight in the conclusion of my review that this platform is absolutely not a scam as it was made by qualified professionals in IT and cryptocurrency. It is user-friendly and easy to use.

They have an international and multilingual support team that will help you with any questions and which guarantee the transparency and security for all users.

This platform is highly recommended to the people who want to have a daily income from their investments. Is this true? In fact, there are many IQ mining reviews on the Internet, which prove this company’s trustworthiness.

If you are planning to start working with this service, you need just to register on the official website, choose the type of account that is suitable for you and make your first deposit. This platform is simple and reliable as well

IQ Review 2018

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